cemetary-1 St. Stephen’s Cemetary is located behind the church and is very historic.


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The St. Stephen’s Church Cemetery was created in 1844 when William and Elizabeth Moseley Radford entered into a conveyance for the purpose of (1) confirming the lost title to the original Church land donated by Elizabeth’s Mother, Ann Irvine Moseley, and (2) enlarging the property for “a burying ground for the use of the Church”.  The Cemetery has since increased in size due to several land conveyances.


One of the earliest burials was of Ann Moseley in February, 1845.  Among the many burials since that time are veterans of the Civil War, World War I and World War II; Rectors; State Legislators; a noted artist; a renowned nurse; and other dignitaries.  One of the more interesting internments is James Kerr Kidston “of Cairnay, Scotland” in 1903.


The Cemetery continues to serve Church members and families, with over 350 burials in place.

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