Matt Rhodes First Service - June 6, 2021
Let us pray for our new rector, the Rev. Matt Rhodes and for Amy, his wife and for Mary and Ella, their children as they transition to their new church. Let us also pray for the discernment of his current parish, Christ Church Millwood. His first service with us will be Sunday, June 6, 2021. You may contact Rev. Matt Rhodes by phone or his new dedicated email address: (703) 581-9500 or

Best Wishes and Goodbye to Rachel Nas, pianist
Good Luck, Rachel Nas!!! Rachel is heading to Georgetown University to work at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Her last day with us will be May 30, 2021. We will acknowledge Rachel’s time with us on Sunday, May 23rd at the 10:00 am service. Dr. Rev. Nina Salmon will also be with us. Come celebrate and join us for communion. Thank you, Rachel!!! You have provided us with beautiful music and thoughtful pieces in your time with us. Our Christmas and Easter services were amazing and you were “instrumental” in making this happen.

                                                                                                                                                        Congratulations Class of 2021 Graduates
We have a few additions to our graduate list and updates to the previous list. Thank you for sharing:
• Andrea Kind’s granddaughter, Krista Diresta is graduating from Binghamton University in NY this Sunday with her MBA. She will be working with the Royal Back of Canada in NYC starting in July.
• Andy and Kristy Bliss have Connor graduating from JFHS and attending CVCC this fall.
• Catherine McGinnis, our nursery worker before COVID, is graduating from JFHS and will be heading to Virginia Tech this fall. Her parents are Chuck and Cindy McGinnis.• Greg and Susan Branan have Madeline graduating from Elon University. She will be heading to Madrid to teach English as a second language this fall.
• Mary Beth and Jim Hunter have two children graduating: Will graduating from JFHS and heading to James Madison University. Lizzie graduating from James Madison University. She will be heading to Texas to work for Dell.
• In Penny Thomas’ family she has 4 grandchildren graduating: Hunter – Jason and Michelle Thomas – graduating from JFHS and heading to the University of Arizona. Noah – Jonathan and Janine Thomas – graduating from JFHS and heading to Old Dominion University. Savannah – David and Jennifer Moore - graduating from JFHS and heading to Virginia Tech. Penelope – David and Jennifer Moore - graduating from Virginia Tech. She will continue acquiring hours in the medical field and will be applying for PA schools in the spring of 2022.

Since we have not all gathered in person much, send us photos and updates of your children’s extra-curricular activities and family updates so we can connect virtually.